What qualities do you look for in candidates for your firm or department?   Resumes can look very similar, but when you meet the faces behind the resumes, certain candidates distinguish themselves. They’re the ones who express themselves well, who are capable of carrying on a conversation while convincing you that they are the lawyers you want to hire. They’re the ones whom you think you will be able to put in front of your clients.

But this is all “potential”: sometimes, once your new attorneys come on board, they need some additional help “getting” the subtler aspects of your legal practice. They may need help balancing their workload, working with a team, communicating the results of their work. They may need to perfect their skills in advising clients or presenting to groups. You’ve invested time, money and energy into bringing in your new lawyers: you know they are smart and have a lot of potential. How can you get them where you need them to be?

I can help you! I have mentored and coached attorneys for years, helping them to learn how to balance their lives with their workloads, working with them to prepare to give advice to clients and assisting them in learning how to make strong presentations. I can work with your new lawyers one-on-one or as a team to help them be more productive, hone their communication skills and help them reach their potential.

Contact me at (732) 540-3727 or or online here to find out how I can work with you to make your team even more productive!