Project Management

Why is the concept of project management important for lawyers? Isn’t that really something that MBA’s worry about? And what does this have to do with finding your authentic voice as a lawyer?

How many times have you started a project thinking you have plenty of time and then ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish it? Learning project management skills can help avoid this and let you get enough sleep!

And how many times has a partner or manager asked you if you have time for an assignment and you’ve said “yes”, but you’ve found yourself overwhelmed because you’ve run out of time?

You need to learn to set deadlines, figure out what tasks need to be done and how to do it, finish the project on time and completely and you need to learn how to communicate the results of your project so that you make a great impression on your supervisors. So you might as well gain this skill as soon as you can!

We can work together to develop the project management skills most useful for you so you have time to do your best work.