I provide one-on-one coaching in person in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area or via telephone anywhere in the world. My programs are as follows:

  • Three-month program
  • Six-month program
  • One-year program

Everyone’s needs are different, so please contact me at (732) 540-3727 or via email at to discuss your situation.


I can bring a workshop to your team to help them learn to express themselves and communicate better with clients, other attorneys and each other. Better communication leads to more efficient, high-functioning teams! I am happy to work with your organization to put together a workshop to meet your team’s requirements. I am also available for speaking engagements to help your team learn about honing their communication skills and discovering why this work is important to their productivity and success.

Contact me at (732) 540-3727 or email me at to find out how I can help.