Teamwork and Communication

Why are teamwork and communication skills so important to attorneys?

Just working hard and doing good work often is not enough to be recognized and rewarded for your efforts. Learning teamwork and communication skills are vital to your career as an attorney. Just about everything you ever do in your legal career will be done with or against other people. While we concentrate in law school on advocating against opponents, we don’t necessarily learn how to communicate with our clients and our teams.

Your client is the most important person with whom you work. You need to be able to communicate advice, even bad news, in such a way that your client will still talk to you the next morning!

You also need to learn how to present your work to your supervisors confidently and with self-assurance. And being able to work with a team is critical to your success as an attorney. You need to communicate well with your peers so that you can share tasks and as well as your support staff. Without your team, you will not be able to get your work done!

And networking is all about communication:  it takes preparation and practice.  It’s all about meeting people, getting to know them and letting them get to know you and trust you.  Which requires you to be able to use your voice to communicate with and meet new people.

I can work with you to hone your communication skills and cultivate your self-confident voice so that you inspire trust in your clients and work well with your colleagues.