Andrea brings a variety of skills to the process of coaching. Some, such as the process itself, can be taught. Others, such as sensitivity cannot. It is the happy intersection of the two that characterizes Andrea as a coach. Her unhurried, calm, confident style set the tone for sessions that were as probing as they were productive. She asked incisive questions, quick to process the situation and underlying issues. Andrea was always alert to what was not being said, and was instinctively aware that that was where attention needed to be focused. Long-held attitudes were reframed in ways that permitted forward movement.  Deeper questions were direct, gentle, and free of judgment, which allowed easier access to internal problem-solving strategies. These solutions became goals for the next session; homework for the week for which I was held accountable. Being able to accomplish the week’s goals not only provided the momentum for the next assignment, but, more crucially, increased self-confidence. That is Andrea’s gift: through skill, sensitivity, organization, and awareness she is able to facilitate the realization of goals and the internalization of skills used in all areas of life.

–Miriam K.


I am very thankful that I have spent the last 6 years working side by side with Andrea both literally and figuratively.    Andrea exemplifies the quintessential quality of a “people’s lawyer”; she is the beacon of the light in my professional and personal journey at our company as she has been to so many before my time in her over 25 years at J&J.  I particularly admire her patience taking the clients step by step in developing patentable inventions often from a very raw and undefined concept, and revising and offering expert editorial feedback to help my professional development. It is a treat to work with Andrea, as it is like an on-the-job mini-law school training.

Andrea is a caring and encouraging mentor who provides guidance during our countless mentoring sessions, a monthly ritual she so generously offered out of her busy schedule.  Our conversations ranged from all aspects of surviving and succeeding in ever changing work dynamics and environment, to which I attribute to my own rewarding and pleasant professional career at the company patent group.

–Sharon M.